Hi, I’m Angie, aka The Constant Foreigner!

Explore the
world with me.

I write about my travels and experiences as a
nomad who is on a mission to make the world my home.

Why the Constant Foreigner?

My entire life I’ve felt like an outsider, but I’ve learned to embrace this identity. Having grown up all over the world has made me realize that being a foreigner is actually a blessing in disguise. As foreigners, we have the responsibility to open our minds and hearts to new places, people, and experiences.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from traveling, it’s that the places are not as important as the people you meet along the way and the lessons you learn.

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My favorite destinations

As a nomad who has lived in seven countries and explores over 50 more,
it’s hard to choose my favorite places, but here are some of them!


Land of smiles, banana roti. My second home.


Tradition, culture, and the best beer.


Street cart Pho and motorcycles galore.


Tacos, mariachi, and much, much more…

Join me on my mission to make the world my home!