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Top 3 Shanghai Experiences

If you’re short on time (or cash) in Shanghai, don’t stress, there’s still plenty you can do for free (or pretty cheap) in this bustling modern Chinese city. From walking The Bund to eating delicious dumplings, here are the top five things you can do and see in Shanghai without breaking the bank.


Walk The Bund

Shanghai top things to do
The Bund at night © John Simm

Located on the waterfront opposite from Shanghai’s iconic city skyline full of skycrapers, you’ll find a collection of small European-looking buildings. These are a variety of historic buildings that were once banks and trading houses belonging to the UK, France, Germany, and other foreign nations. Today, they continue to house banks and insurance companies, but they’re mostly Chinese now.

You’ll find people walking up and down the one mile road all day, taking in the views and of course tons of pictures. You might even catch people practicing Tai Chi here, although that’s typically done very early in the morning.


Visit Yuyuan Garden at night

yuyuan garden shanghai
Yuyuan Garden © Angie Arenzana

First time visitors to Shanghai simply cannot miss out on Yuyuan Garden. It was my all time favorite thing we did in Shanghai. My sister and I went here at night and had a delicious boba tea before exploring the grounds. 


Although you can rack up quite a bill at some restaurants (for example, The Ministry of Crab, where I ate with friends), there are plenty of affordable places to eat quality food at a great price. If you’re looking for a safe and tasty meal and want to know exactly what you’re eating, I recommend a) asking for an English menu, though they probably won’t have one, or b) using Google Translate app to give you a general sense of what’s on the menu.

Here are the top 10 things to do and see in Shanghai on a budget.

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