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    Raja Ampat: The Last Paradise, minus the trash

    Hey friends! So this post is a quite different to what I normally blog about, but I felt compelled to tell the story of my visit to Raja Ampat, a regency in West Papua, Indonesia that truly is “the last paradise.” Aside from its natural beauty, what shocked me the most was to find so much trash on the pristine beaches of this environmentally protected area. *Almost* unspoiled beauty If you’ve never heard of Raja Ampat, it’s a collection of 1,500 tiny islands located in the “Coral Triangle,” one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world. This place is also one of the BEST dive and snorkel sites…

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    5 Fascinating Facts about Taiwan

    Heyoo! So first off, let me start by telling you how impressed I was when I visited Taiwan. Back in October 2019 we visited Keelung and Kaohsiung, both equally interesting but different cities in their own ways. It was my first time encountering Taiwanese culture, and found that it is neither Chinese nor Japanese, but a weird blend of both and none at the same time. I felt compelled to find out more about the history and traditions of Taiwan after visiting this fascinating island nation, so without further ado, here are five super interesting facts about Taiwan that gave me a better understanding of their culture. 1. Boba (bubble)…

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    Thank u, Next Chapter

    The World is quite literally my new home as of October 2019. This is not some bold and pretentious statement, I actually joined a ship, and her name is The World. I joined in Shanghai, China, and since then have traveled to five countries and 14 cities over the course of one month.

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    3 Steps to being an Au Pair in Germany

    So you’re wondering how exactly you can become an Au Pair in Germany and travel the world? You’ve arrived at the right place! Surely you’ve already researched exactly what an Au Pair does, and you’ve weighed the pros and cons of Au Pair Life, and you narrowed down your decision to move to Germany… yay! Now, you’re trying to figure out how to take the next step. After living in Germany for the past year as an Au Pair, I know exactly what you are going through. I even know the answers to the questions you don’t even know you have.  Allow me to explain in a simple 3-step process…

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    5 Reasons You’ll Love San Miguel de Allende

    I recently revisited one of my favorite cities in Mexico, a place I have been to countless times with family and friends, and can never get enough of… San Miguel de Allende! It’s a magical city that shows off the best of central Mexico and there’s a picture perfect moment waiting for you everywhere you turn. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, and voted the World’s Best City by Travel & Leisure in 2017, the city of San Miguel de Allende (or St. Mike as the expats call it) is located in central Mexico in the state of Guanajuato. Here you can get lost in the picture perfect cobblestone streets,…

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    Why NOT to Visit Prague (for one day)

    I made the worst decision of my life when I decided to visit Prague for one day. If you are planning on visiting Prague, let me tell you something I wish someone had told me before… ONE DAY IS NOT ENOUGH!! You should NOT visit Prague for less than 24 hours. It’s simply not enough time. You will be left wanting to stay for another day or two, or forever five. I arrived in the capital of the Czech Republic on February 14th (aka Valentine’s Day). Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m not a romantic person, but after setting foot in Prague, I can now tell you that I do believe…

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    Hostel Travel Essentials

    If you’re a female solo traveler, I’m sure you have asked yourself what to bring when you are planning to stay at a hostel. I used to be just like you — scared and confused about hostel life. (Ok, I still get nervous every time I go!) First of all, let me tell you that staying at a hostel is safe, but you should still be a smart traveler and bring a padlock. Staying at a hostel doesn’t mean compromising your beauty sleep or looks. But don’t expect to bring your entire makeup and hair styling collection either. My best advice is to bring the things that keep you feeling clean, fresh,…

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    Dresden: What to See and Do on a Budget

    Dresden is easily one of Germany’s most beautiful cities. I recently visited Dresden, the capital of Saxony, and fell in love not only with the city, but with its history, and the spirit of the Dresdners. If you are traveling between Berlin and Prague, you should definitely make a stop to this incredible city that is right in the middle. Even if you are short on time (or budget like I was), the city center is small enough to walk around and get to see the most important sights in one day. I visited the city on February 13th, an important date known to locals (but unknown to me before arrival).…